Is your dog immune to rain or snow?

Nature endowed most dogs with two layers of fur that protects them from the onslaught of the weather. However, this protection is not 100% effective for all breeds and depends on the amount of time it subjects the dog to the weather. A dog coat can help protect your pet during long play sessions in the rain or winter. Although it is normal for your four-legged friend to feel uncomfortable, it will get used to having a second “skin”. Waterproof dog coats keep away serious diseases such as pneumonia, which can be life-threatening for your furry favourite. The best part is that you can find several websites where you can choose the perfect coat for your dog’s breed. All you have to do is choose the right size.

How to find out your dog’s size?

You can obtain your dog’s size by calculating several body measurements. First, consider the length between its neck where its chest begins, and in the end, just where its tail begins. Second, the circumference of its rib cage, or where its ribs are, is calculated. This measurement is vital because if you fall short, your dog may have difficulty breathing. After all, its ribcage cannot expand naturally. Finally, the circumference of the neck is measured. You know what can happen if this area is too tight for your dog. Besides these measurements, add a few centimetres if your dog has a thick coat or if it gains or loses weight easily. Some people often buy a coat in the size they got and another coat in the next size up. This way, if one coat doesn’t fit the dog, the other will.

How to keep your dog safe?

Playing in the rain is great fun for many dogs. When they get caught in a stream of falling water, they try to chew on it or get under it to feel the water hitting their bodies. But what if thunder sounds at that moment? Does your dog usually run away with loud sounds? Besides coats, it is essential to keep your dog under control with a lead. You can buy retractable leashes that allow your dog to walk several metres away, and you can decide when to shorten the distance if you notice something dangerous. During the winter, avoid letting your dog run on slippery surfaces. A large breed dog, such as a German shepherd, will have difficulty slowing down on slippery surfaces, putting him at risk of hitting hard or sharp objects.