How to Encourage Your Child to Spend Time Outside

There are so many reasons for kids to stay inside these days. With hundreds of TV channels showing dedicated children’s programs, as well as games consoles, tablets, and smartphones that can be used to communicate with friends, there is no need to ever go outside to just ‘play’. This can be frustrating for parents who want their kids to enjoy the kind of childhood that they had, or even to just get out for some fresh air. So what can you do if your child prefers to spend most of their time inside? How can you encourage them to go out and enjoy the outdoors?

Set Limits on Devices

Part of the reason that kids prefer to stay inside is because they have too much freedom to play their games inside. If you haven’t set a limit on the amount of time your children can play games or go on their smart devices, consider cutting it down to a couple of hours in the evening. This might encourage your child to go outside during the day to meet up with friends.

Go for Cycles

Family cycles can be a terrific way to get your kids outside in the fresh air. Cycling is an activity they will enjoy, and it can encourage family bonding. Kids bikes should be purchased from reputable cycle stores that sell lightweight bikes for children. Your kids will also enjoy taking their bike out with friends for a cycle around the block or to the park.

Make Your Yard Fun

If you want your children to go outside, give them a reason to. You can buy outdoor toys that they will love playing with or invest in a trampoline that will get them outside in the fresh air and keep them fit and healthy at the same time. For smaller children, things like sand and water tables with beach toys are ideal. Older kids love playing with badminton sets or frisbees. When the weather is warmer, a paddling pool or water guns will encourage your kids outside, and a small camping tent will give them a place to shelter when it gets too hot or will act like a den when their friends come over.

Let Them Grow Some Veg

Children love gardening and seeing the fruits of their labor. A little vegetable patch will give them a sense of responsibility.Once they see their plants starting to grow, it is even more exciting. If you don’t have enough room for a veggie patch, let your kids grow sunflowers. The seeds can be planted in trays to begin with and then moved to bigger pots once they start to grow.

Host an Outdoor Party

Your kids are more likely to want to spend time outside if they can do so with their friends, so why not host an outdoor party? Think about doing a treasure hunt or hiring an inflatable waterslide that kids will absolutely love.

Organize Outdoor Day Trips

Spend the weekend taking day trips as a family. Go to the beach in the summer or to the local park for a picnic. Forest walks in the fall are a fantastic way to spend time together. You can collect leaves that can then be used for crafts when you get home.


If you are worried that your kids are spending too much time inside on computer devices and want them to get outside in the fresh air, there are many ways to do this.Think bike rides, picnics, or family walks. You should also make their outdoor spaces a fun place to be so that they want to be outside.