How Advance 66 can boost nutrient use efficiency

Advance 66 is a biostimulant that has been specially designed by Verdesian Life Sciences to maximise nutrient use efficiency. This technology vastly improves the quality of a variety of crop yields that benefits farmers and consumers alike. In this article, we explain how Advance 66 works, what its benefits are and where it can be used.

How does it work?

Advance 66 works by encouraging increased nutrient uptake and improved nitrogen utilisation in plants. It uses chelated zinc and Verdesian’s own Nutriphite (which is synthesised potassium phosphite) in an innovative and effective use of chemicals. This particular compound has been shown through studies at both the University of Nottingham and the University of Kiel to increase the production of the enzyme nitrate reductase and the hormone cis-zeatin, which are both key to increasing root mass in cereals.

What are the benefits of this?

Bigger roots mean there is a greater amount of contact with the soil, so more water and nutrients are taken in by the plant, both natural and from fertilisers. Furthermore, nitrate reductase increases the availability of nitrogen compounds within the plant, meaning it benefits from increased utilisation. All of this results in improved growth, yield, establishment and quality, because of the increased nutrients being kept and used in the right place. This also means that fewer chemicals are wasted, which depletes the negative environmental impact of Advance 66, as less is left behind to pollute the air and water.

Where can Advance 66 be used?

Advance 66 is compatible with most agrochemical and plant nutrition products and can be applied using any standard crop sprayers, meaning it is versatile and can suit any purpose. 1-2 litres can cover a hectare and it should be applied in solutions of 2% concentration or less, or 1% or less if used with other products. Ensure other products do not come into contact with Advance 66 while mixing and spray immediately. Continue to agitate the solution during operations until the tank is empty.

Advance 66 is an innovative way to improve the way your crops utilise the nutrients that you give them and maximise nutrient management, meaning they increase in not just quality but also quantity. Buy Advance 66 from Verdesian Life Sciences today to reinvigorate your soil and make the most out of your crop yields. To learn more about Advance 66, speak to a member of our team at (0)1730 720 100.