March 2022


Carving with CNC: Tips on Starting with CNC

CNC is one of the oldest manufacturing methods. However, it still attracts a lot of attention and is commonly used in most industries. It’s been used for decades to deliver precision components. CNC technology has experienced significant advancements since then, and you can now get advanced machines in the market. If you’re starting out your carving project, there are things to know to ensure a successful project.

Here are tips to stating caving with CNC:

  1. Understand how to set up the machine

How you set up your machine determines the success of your project. Set up the CNC computer files and the machine before turning on the start button. Therefore, understand the basic workflow and terminology to achieve excellent results. Doing this will also enhance your safety. Although CNC machines are safe than conventional ones, you minimize the risk of injuries and wastage by knowing the parts and what to avoid.

  1. Go with the flow

There are different steps of CNC workflow, and all involve the use of software. These may seem complex, but once you understand the settings of the Easel Software, everything will be easier. You’re bound to make mistakes learn from them, and master the basics of using the CNC machine. You’ll keep mastering the basis and expanding your skills.

  1. 3. Understand how to control the spindle speed

CNC machines feature different settings, and spindle speed is petty common. How you use it determines the outcome of the project. For instance, go for a small shank tool and low-powered spindle motor. Avoid high speeds since they allow for too large cuts. Worse still, the cuts may be wayward. Use large shark tools when working on v-grooving craving.

  1. Choose the right blade length.

 The blade length determines the effectiveness of your carved knife. Increasing the thickness of the processing sheet will make it more effective. However, smaller blades work well for soft materials.

  1. Know what can cause your machines to breakdown

Just like other devices, CNC machines are prone to breakages. This may result from improper fluid levels, unchanged filters, which affect the machine’s efficiency. Again, excess temperature increases the likelihood of tear and wear. A slow feed machine will also affect your functions. It will negatively affect its components, thus decreasing efficiency.

  1. Learn each process& make parts from scratch 

Once you make the first part, keep practicing and learning more. Learn how to input programming information to a computer. This will help you modify the design to match the desired accuracy. Also, employ many other tricks depending on the whole processing materials.

  1. Learning the basic measurements goes a long way.

Understand the basic measurements to achieve high levels of accuracy when cutting. For example, know how the calipers work and what it measures. Also, use a micrometer and dial test indicator to sweep vise jaws.

Final thoughts

CNC machine benefits most companies and is common in woodworking. It will ease tasks in your projects, allowing you to create unique products. A CNC machine will improve efficiency and productivity, thus allowing for mass production.

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Basics for Watching หนังออนไลน์   (Movies Online): A Step-by-Step Tutorial

There are two main types of media that have been dominating our lives: movies and TV shows, what’s the best way to watch them? Well, if you’re looking for a way to watch your favorite TV show or movie without interruptions, digital downloads are the answer. It takes less than 30 minutes and it’s completely legal, digital downloads allow you to enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows without any commercials.

Types of media that are dominating our lives

There are two main types of media that have been dominating our lives: movies and TV shows and if you’re trying to figure out the best way to watch them, digital downloads are the answer.

 Why digital downloads are the best way to watch movies

There are many reasons to download the digital copy of your favorite movie or TV show, the first and most obvious one is that they’re free, you can’t beat that, and these digital copies are also legal, so you won’t have to worry about any legal issues.

Besides being free and legal, digital downloads allow you to watch your favorite TV show or movie without any interruptions, your favorite show might be interrupted by commercials every few minutes, but with a digital copy of the TV show, you’ll get the whole episode uninterrupted.

How to download digital copies of your favorite movies and TV shows

There are two ways to download digital copies of your favorite movies and TV shows: streaming or downloading and wherein streaming is the easiest method, and it’s free for most people and you can start watching หนังออนไลน์   (Movies Online) in seconds with no downloads needed.

Downloading requires more effort, but there are many benefits, first of all, you’re not limited by what’s available on your internet connection. If you have a slow connection at home, you’ll have better luck streaming.

But if you have a fast connection at work, the downloading option is better because it will be faster than streaming.

Second, downloading allows you to watch your favorite show without any interruptions like commercials, once downloaded, the video will be stored on your device so that you can watch it anytime without an internet connection.


What to do with those pesky commercials?

What do you do with those pesky commercials? You can always fast forward on a DVD player, but not if it’s an online download wherein commercials are the bane of many people’s existence and the worst part is that they’re only getting longer.

So, how can you avoid watching commercials for your favorite TV show or movie? One way is to go digital and that is digital downloads are legal, quick to set up, and there are no commercials.

 To Sum it Up

And now you know the guidelines, what else is keeping you? You do not have to gas up your car, check on when the movie you want will be shown at the theatres and on which movies house will it be out on the time that you are free.

You can watch now all you want online without having to do so much effort anymore, call on that pizza shop you love and grab some ice for your drinks and enjoy the show.

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 Earnity’s Domenic Carosa & Who is the typical crypto investor?

According to a poll conducted by the University of Chicago, more than one in ten Americans invested in cryptocurrencies in the previous year, demonstrating the growing popularity of virtual currencies like bitcoin and Ethereum.

The use of cryptocurrencies in America

According to the poll, 13 % of Americans bought or traded cryptocurrency in the previous 12 months, compared to 24 % who invested in equities during the same time.

Coinbase, the largest digital currency exchange in the United States, went public in mid-April. Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, has indicated an interest in cryptocurrency ventures. Tesla announced in May that bitcoin would be accepted as payment for vehicle sales.

Because of this volatility, some financial professionals have labeled cryptocurrency as a speculative asset. According to financial gurus, Crypto investors should only invest a modest amount of their assets.

To stay ahead of this, social platforms like Earnity come in handy. Co-owned by Fintech enthusiasts Dan Schatt and Domenic Carosa, this platform is for everyone interested in talking about crypto.

According to the report, crypto investors are younger and more varied in terms of gender, color, and ethnicity than retail stock investors.

What is the average age of a crypto investor?

The typical age of a crypto purchaser is 38, whereas the average age of a stock investor is 47. From June 24 to 28, a nationwide survey sample of 1,004 Adults in the United States was polled by the University of Chicago.

41% of crypto traders are women, 44 % are investors of color, and 35 % have annual earnings under $60,000, compared to 38 %, 35 %, and 27 % of stock traders, respectively. Co-founders Dan Schatt and Domenic Carosa have worked hard to ensure that Earnity offers users of all ages and demographics an excellent place for all their cryptocurrency needs.

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Earnity, Dan Schatt & Domenic Carosa, on The Pros and Cons of Crypto Mining

Your mining journey will be much easier if you choose to join a mining pool, but if you decide to do it alone and you know or learn quickly, you may be able to earn a lot without sharing it with anyone else. However, your future goals could also significantly determine how much you want to work in this field. So, it is best to consider how you want to mine any cryptocurrency coin. In this article, Earnity’s industry experts, Dan Schatt and Domenic Carosa, will help you look into some benefits and drawbacks of cryptocurrency mining before you start with your venture.


  • The most fantastic aspect of mining is that you have complete control over using your assets. Contrary to crypto, once you deposit your savings, they are subject to the hegemony of the banks and the government in the banking system.
  • The fee for processing a single transaction is much lower, as banks charge a hefty price to process and make cross-border payments.
  • You can use the push and pull method to keep your identity secure, leaving no room for tampering with your identity, which means there is no room for hackers to use your RFID information.
  • Finally, if you get your hands on a deal, the transaction process is much faster because no other parties are involved.


  • Although people have always lauded the money earned from mining and the security that it provides, there is a lot to learn when you begin your journey as a miner.
  • Blockchain technology, which is responsible for all the behind-the-scenes work, is also not easy and requires careful handling because it will demand a significant amount of learning.
  • The most frequently mentioned disadvantage is the energy consumption required for cryptocurrency mining and the hardware costs.
  • Finally, scams and frauds sometimes flood the crypto industry, which can cause upheaval in the future. Additionally, there is a good chance that you will lose your money due to the volatility and constant fluctuation of the cryptocurrency market, which will bring bad luck to your investments.
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