What Do System Integrator Companies Do?

A system integrator is a professional in the field of computing technology who specializes in connecting seemingly separate digital technologies and forming a cohesive, unified platform for business processes. As opposed to employing a variety of computer subsystems that operate independently with their security protocols, a software system integrator will build, develop, test, and maintain a single structure tailored to the needs of a business.

System integrator companies may be involved during almost every stage of the development lifecycle, starting with research and analysis of possible solutions to meet customer requirements. The solution is then broken down into smaller subsystems known as components, designed by expert developers who will work closely with industry partners or in-house staff. Once these components are developed and tested, the system integrator will then integrate them into a final product ready to be deployed.

System Integrators – The Stages of Development

As a system integrator company plays an important role at every stage of the development lifecycle, let’s take a look at each phase in more detail.

Research and Analysis: During this stage, potential customers and their requirements for the system to be built are identified. This includes specific features, customizations, and even the use cases that must be included in the final product.

Component Design: Once customer requirements have been established, the system integrator company will work closely with its development partners to design components that fit these requirements. These components may include new or updated features for existing plugins, new reports or dashboards, or even other integrated products into the software system.

Component Testing: Once all subsystems have been designed, they must be tested before being sent off for integration. Each component is thoroughly tested to determine any deficiencies or bugs within its code. Once these issues have been resolved, it is ready to be inserted into the final product.

Integration: This is the final stage of a system integration company’s involvement in a project. Here, all of the individual components that have been designed and tested are combined into one end product that is ready for customer use. If needed, this final product may also be deployed to a production environment for its use by other members within the business.

Final Thoughts

System integrator companies are integral to the development process. Without them, many businesses would have no way of effectively integrating their web-based systems to achieve maximum productivity. In addition, by staying involved throughout each stage of the lifecycle, these companies help ensure that a new product meets their customers’ needs and provides the best possible solution for their business practices.

Many businesses are now turning to system integrator companies to assist them in their IT needs. If your business is looking for a new solution to integrate its assets, you can find system integrator companies that will work with you every step of the way in building this solution. By utilizing a system integrator, you will benefit from a more cohesive and functional IT environment.

Even if your business is relatively new to the world of web-based technology, it may still require assistance from a system integrator company at some point in its lifetime. So make sure to look for these companies as soon as possible so that they can help with your needs at each stage in the development lifecycle.