Best Film Leading Ladies of All Time with Ken Julian

We sat down with producer Ken Julian to discuss his picks for the best leading ladies of all time in film. As a longtime Hollywood producer, Ken has worked with some legends of film and screen. Ken is also a certified movie buff who appreciates everything from classic works to modern cinema.

Here are his picks for the 15 best leading ladies ever to grace the silver screen:

  1. Katherine Hepburn:

Ken says, “Katherine was probably one of the toughest actresses that I’ve ever worked with in the best way possible. She was truly a force to be reckoned with and wore many hats on a film set. Katherine has a powerful presence and commanding captivating screen persona.”

  1. Greta Garbo:

“She was very mysterious and aloof. And yet, she could have a great sense of humor. She also had many professional battles with MGM in her time but was still able to give outstanding performances.”

  1. Ava Gardner:

Ken says, “Ava is one tough cookie. She was the epitome of sexy and sensual on the screen. She can even make a tough guy fall for her character. I remember one time, she told me that if you have it- flaunt it. Ava is the best example of this statement.”

  1. Vivien Leigh:

“Vivian was wonderful to work with and quite professional on set.” Ken says, “She has one of the most memorable screen kisses in history with Clark Gable, and their chemistry was just undeniable onscreen.”

  1. Ingrid Bergman:

“Ingrid is a legend to me- I watched her movies growing up. She had this amazing aura about her even when she’s not acting. Her performance in Gaslight, where she plays an evil villain, is one of my favorite roles. She’s just so captivating onscreen.”

  1. Marilyn Monroe:

“Marilyn was mesmerizing onscreen. The iconic scene with the subway grate in The Seven Year Itch where her dress blows up is still very memorable to me.”

  1. Grace Kelly:

“I have nothing but good memories with Grace. She’s very professional and a great actress.”

  1. Sophia Loren:

“Sophia was hilarious and dramatic, but she’s best known for her sensuality onscreen. She always knows how to give a very sexy performance.”

  1. Julia Roberts:

“Julia is such a versatile actress, and I was always impressed with her range. She’s very funny in real life as well.”

  1. Sissy Spacek:

“Sissy is another actress who I have a lot of laughs with. She was very professional on set.”

  1. Emma Stone:

“I’d say Emma Stone is one of the best actresses right now. With her comedic timing and range, it’s just amazing.”

  1. Mia Farrow:

“Mia was very versatile as well. She can play light or dark roles, but it doesn’t matter because she delivers great performances every time.”

  1. Natalie Wood:

“Natalie was just a natural talent. It’s like she was born to do what she does.”

  1. Bette Davis:

“Bette was not an easy actress to work with at all, but her performance in All About Eve is one of the best performances ever on film.”

  1. Elizabeth Taylor:

“Elizabeth is another legend I’m so inspired by. She really knows how to own the screen with her presence and acting chops.”