William Huyler – Why You Will Love Photography As a Hobby

Over the last 12 to 18 months more people have been picking up new hobbies in order to keep them entertained during their time at home. I am someone who got involved in this and around this time last year I started to get involved with photography. I was inspired to do this after following William Huyler on social media, a brilliant photographer who often shares ideas about this hobby.

I started off in a small way with a very basic camera and over the last year I have really fallen in love with this hobby. I think that for anyone who is slightly artistic or creative, they will really love the fun which you can have with photography, and here is why I think that everyone will enjoy it.

Looking at the World Differently

One thing that I can say for certain is that since I have taken on photography I really do look at the world with a different pair of eyes. I decided that I would snap shots of urban landscapes and that has encouraged me to get out into the city and look for those little quirks of human life. It took me a while to get into but after time I began to realize that these little details were right before my eyes, I just had to look for them. There is no doubt that I appreciate more of the world since I got started with photography.

Always Striving

Even professional photographers will tell you that there is no perfection, that they are always striving to make their images and the quality of their shots better. This is encouraging for people like me who are just beginning, because it means that there is no perfection which I am going to achieve, and that there is always something to work towards. You never want to feel that you have completely mastered something, and in photography there is no danger of that happening.

Charting Your Life

I really enjoy using the images that I have taken, at least the good ones, and displaying them on my walls at home. What I have noticed in doing this, is that I can really mark out each aspect and time period of the last year. I can remember where I was when I took the shots, I can remember what I was doing that day and even what was going on in the rest of my life. This is a lovely way to make period of your life and it is something that I hadn’t realized was going to happen.

And finally I want to make a point about the level of help and support which is available when you get started with photography. This is a hobby which many will undertake and through online resources you can get some great tips and insight from professionals and amateurs alike. If you want to get creative, this is a great hobby to help you to do just that.