Rose Burillo – Why Tacos Are Mexico’s Favorite Snack

There is absolutely no doubt about the fact that tacos are the favorite snack for Mexicans. The love for these little bundles of joy has even stretched across the border, and across to many countries around the world. There is no doubt however that if you are looking for the very best tacos, Mexico is where you will find them. Throughout the country there are taco stands and taco-specific restaurants which you can dine in, and a trip to Mexico just wouldn’t be complete without loading up on as many tacos as you can stomach.

I was chatting recently to my good friend Rose Burillo about the popularity of tacos, and here is why think that  this delightful little snack has grown so popular over the years.

Ease of Eating

Eating tacos doesn’t require a knife and fork, it doesn’t require much from the eater and in most cases you don’t really need a plate. This ease of eating makes it one of the best snacks on the planet and it is why so many love it. There is something which is just so unassuming about the taco and that is why it is loved.

Variety of Fillings

There is pretty much a never ending list of fillings which you can add to a taco, and this means that there really is something for everyone, no matter what kind of thing you enjoy. There are fish tacos, tacos with cuts of beef and pork, tacos filled with slow cooked mutton and there is also an extensive range of vegan taco choices which people love. This is no doubt why the taco is so well loved, because each experience is different and everyone can enjoy their favorite fillings.

Cost of the Taco

In Mexico at least, tacos are one of the cheapest snacks that you can possibly buy, making sure that everyone is able to enjoy this amazing snack. On average a taco is going to cost you around $0.50 which is a truly incredible price for what you will get in return. This inspires so many people to grab a taco as a snack, and that is more often than not the reason that it is eaten, to provide a little bit of sustenance until you have a main meal.

Reasons for Eating

As we have just alluded to, the taco can be eaten for a number of reasons. For example some people may look to grab a taco on their way to work as a small breakfast, others may look to enjoy a taco or two as a snack and some can even enjoy a meal with 5 or 6 different tacos. The taco is basically one of the most versatile and flexible options which you can get, and that again is why so many people adore them.

These are the main reasons we believe, as to why the taco is loved as much as it is, here in Mexico and abroad.