July 21, 2021


Customize your graduation card to make your event colorful

One of the most important days in your academic life is your graduation day. Graduation marks the transition from one level of education to the next. Graduation days are always full of happiness, family, and celebration. Make your own custom graduation cards to fit the theme of your grad party. Customization gives you the room to show your uniqueness, education journey, and also can be used to thank those who played a part.

What is a custom graduation card?

These are special cards designed in a personalized way to aid with the invitation and celebration of your graduation. They can be for preschool, kindergarten, high school, or college.

Styles of Announcing Your Graduation

You can make a choice for graduation announcement style from the following options;

  •       Traditional graduation announcement. This is designed for you if you want to apply formal font in announcing all your graduation-related information. It mostly follows the graduation script format.
  •       Classic graduation announcement. This gives you the opportunity to formulate a clean and adaptable design.
  •       Modern graduation announcement. This style is applicable if you do not want your announcement surrounded by a lot of details as well as your party details by the use of contemporary fonts all through your card.
  •       Rustic graduation announcement. This style entails the use of natural elements such as flowers and leaves as part of your grad card.

How to Design Your Perfect Custom Graduation Card

Your customized graduation cards services are best offered by Mixbook, including dateless cards for flexibility purposes. This allows you to come up with something that interests you, unlike traditional grad cards, which are bland. Furthermore, with custom grad cards, you can add your favorite sayings, quotes, and pictures, and also, it is a nice way to celebrate with friends, family, and fellow graduates. They can be used for the purpose of graduation announcement or invitation, but not limited to these.

You can choose a portrait or landscape design for your card, designs which can be created by Mixbook. Also, you are advised to make a choice from a wide variety of frames, fonts, and filters, in addition to which you have to choose whether you prefer a folded or flat card. A perfect grad card serves as your event’s reminder, not to be forgotten easily. Once your ideas have been merged with the designs we offer, your resulting custom grad card will be magnificent. All level graduation cards are available.

Reasons you should use Mixbook.

  •       We offer your excellent service and products
  •       We use the best paper and image qualities
  •       We are flexible and allow you to incorporate your ideas
  •       We deliver as scheduled

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It is important to mark and signify your achievements; with Mixbook, you do not have to spend a lot of cash to make your big day outstanding and memorable. You are assured of a remarkable occasion marked by your customized grad cards. Blow the minds of your guests, family, and friend’s with your personalized grad cards telling your story.


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