Why you need to stop using pdf for business content

pdf to word online converters have been around for quite a long time. Pdfs have been known to be useful for various things, but you have to understand the limitations that they have. They are perfect when it comes to digital receipt when purchasing things online or when you create a document that you want to forward to your printer.

But with content for digital business that you plan in using for you customers and prospects such as proposals, brochures, ABM assets, white papers, it is time that you decided to switch to formats that take current requirements such as responsiveness and measurability into consideration.

According to a research that is carried out, 84% of the buyers believe that the experience that they have with a company provides is just as necessary as its services and products. And there is no need to argue with the fact regarding the content that you are producing a major part of the way any customer experience your brand. And yet, there are some new companies which tend to pay a lot of attention to their experience of content, and prefer to cling instead to what they know which is the legacy pdfs.

To adopt to the new technology can at times be daunting. But the following might give you a compelling and clear argument for why the world must move past the pdfs. You will gain by doing so.

Problems with utilizing pdf for business content

In 1993, adobe was able to introduce pdf. Pdf is an abbreviation for the portable document format and there is a reason as to why they are named so. Their strength is because they are able to work with operating system. Mac and Windows for the first time were able to keep exchanging documents and reading them without the need of worrying regarding compatibility.

And pdfs are known to be documents that have fixed-layout, denoting that irrespective of what device you are using, the screen size or operating systems which a reader is utilizing, a pdf will always produce it the same exactly. And that is where one of the drawbacks lies.

It is not mobile friendly

With a fixed layout, it denotes that documents that are designed for print or desktop will be hard to use on a mobile device, and they will require to be zoomed in and to pan around. It is a large user experience issue which might case a lot of headaches for your readers. In the first age of mobile, your audience doesn’t want to hassle of having to look for something which is impossible to fit on their screen.

They require multiple steps to access

Because they are documents that are offline, the pdf will need you to download so that you can be able to view them. It is a barrier already for users on desktop but for the mobile users, having to download the files tends to be a task that is alien requiring a third party app for viewing or a file manager app.