February 2021


Why you need to stop using pdf for business content

pdf to word online converters have been around for quite a long time. Pdfs have been known to be useful for various things, but you have to understand the limitations that they have. They are perfect when it comes to digital receipt when purchasing things online or when you create a document that you want to forward to your printer.

But with content for digital business that you plan in using for you customers and prospects such as proposals, brochures, ABM assets, white papers, it is time that you decided to switch to formats that take current requirements such as responsiveness and measurability into consideration.

According to a research that is carried out, 84% of the buyers believe that the experience that they have with a company provides is just as necessary as its services and products. And there is no need to argue with the fact regarding the content that you are producing a major part of the way any customer experience your brand. And yet, there are some new companies which tend to pay a lot of attention to their experience of content, and prefer to cling instead to what they know which is the legacy pdfs.

To adopt to the new technology can at times be daunting. But the following might give you a compelling and clear argument for why the world must move past the pdfs. You will gain by doing so.

Problems with utilizing pdf for business content

In 1993, adobe was able to introduce pdf. Pdf is an abbreviation for the portable document format and there is a reason as to why they are named so. Their strength is because they are able to work with operating system. Mac and Windows for the first time were able to keep exchanging documents and reading them without the need of worrying regarding compatibility.

And pdfs are known to be documents that have fixed-layout, denoting that irrespective of what device you are using, the screen size or operating systems which a reader is utilizing, a pdf will always produce it the same exactly. And that is where one of the drawbacks lies.

It is not mobile friendly

With a fixed layout, it denotes that documents that are designed for print or desktop will be hard to use on a mobile device, and they will require to be zoomed in and to pan around. It is a large user experience issue which might case a lot of headaches for your readers. In the first age of mobile, your audience doesn’t want to hassle of having to look for something which is impossible to fit on their screen.

They require multiple steps to access

Because they are documents that are offline, the pdf will need you to download so that you can be able to view them. It is a barrier already for users on desktop but for the mobile users, having to download the files tends to be a task that is alien requiring a third party app for viewing or a file manager app.

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Top Engineering Colleges in Karnataka Accepting JEE Main 2021 Score

Karnataka is a hotspot for educational institutes and corporates. The melting pot of talent boasts of some of the top engineering colleges in the country. Various cities have become populated due to the presence of great educational institutions in the vicinity. Most of these colleges either follow the JEE Mains ranking, or the State level examination. The state government has worked hard to bring the education levels at par with the whole country. These top engineering institutes prove the efforts of the Government. Most of these colleges consider JEE Mains score as the eligibility criteria. These colleges have a great track record and feature on the top 100 of the NIRF rankings. These top colleges possess a sound alumnus which provides the students with great insights and exposure to the industry. Many companies visit the campus for placements of the students who have passion and zeal for their field of engineering.

Different institutes follow different curriculums and eligibility criteria. You must be well versed with the selection process of the institute you are applying to. You must understand the different streams offered by the colleges to make an intelligent decision about the one you choose. This list of top engineering colleges in Karnataka will surely prove helpful to you.

  • National Institute of Technology, Surathkal:

Admission for Undergraduate programs is managed by Joint Seat Allocation Authority (JoSAA), based on the scores obtained in Joint Entrance Examination (JEE Main). The college has ranked 13th in the NIRF rankings’20.

  • Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal:

The institute accepts admission through MANIPAL ENTRANCE TEST (MET). The college boasts of great infrastructure and facilities for the student with world-class education. The college authorities take up student grievances very seriously. This has helped MIT to become one of the best colleges in the region.
Eligibility – Pass in 10+2 or equivalent with Physics, Mathematics, and English as compulsory subjects, along with Chemistry / Biotechnology / Biology / any technical vocational subject, minimum 50 % average marks in Physics, Mathematics, and the optional subject chosen.

  • Visvesvaraya Technological University, Belagavi:

Admission through Consortium of Medical, Engineering and Dental Colleges of Karnataka Under Graduate Entrance Test (ComedK UGET) / Karnataka Common Entrance Test by Karnataka Examination Authority (KCET). The college is well known for its quality education.

Eligibility – The aspirants should have passed + 2 examination, which is similar to a two year Pre University, with Physics and Mathematics as main subjects with one additional subject to be eligible for admission in MSRIT.

  • Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Bengaluru

Admission through Consortium of Medical, Engineering and Dental Colleges of Karnataka Under Graduate Entrance Test (ComedK UGET) / Karnataka Common Entrance Test by Karnataka Examination Authority (KCET). The institute offers quality education to all those eligible. Many students come from different parts of the country to pursue engineering.

The eligibility is 45% for General Category, 40% marks for SC/ST, Category-1, and OBC Category candidates.

  • International Institute of Information & Technology, Bengaluru

Only Integrated Courses are offered. Admission for Undergraduate programs is managed by Joint Seat Allocation Authority (JoSAA), based on the scores obtained in Joint Entrance Examination (JEE Main). The college boasts 62nd rank in the NIRF rankings’20. The Institute provides a chance to pursue a science-based career directly after Class 12. Students passing out from IIIT are offered great salaries.

We wish you luck to be able to pursue your passion and get admitted to your dream college. The top engineering colleges in Karnataka offer great courses and ensure a safe and sound future for all those who work hard with zeal and passion. JEE Mains 2021 will be a great testing time for all the aspirants.

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Suggestions for choosing Cleaning Services

You must understand cleaning before you make use of any of the available deep cleaning services in your area. Most homeowners are quick to overlook the need to regularly maintain their homes, but doing so can result in significantly decreased insurance rates and repair costs in the future.

Regular inspections and cleanings of your house are important for preventing the spread of mold and mildew, as well as other dangerous bacteria. If you have a large family or frequently invite friends and relatives into your home, then having a professional cleaning service perform weekly or monthly inspections on your home will help prevent them from bringing germs and diseases home with them.

There are many different ways that end of tenancy cleaning near me can help protect your family, including reducing the chance of any allergies being triggered by allergens in the air by reducing the amount of dust and dirt that collects inside of your home regularly.

It may seem like common sense, but often people fail to schedule yearly inspections with a local cleaning company due to a lack of information about the importance of regular deep cleaning. Most consumers don’t take the time to read the guidelines that come with their home’s warranty or even care to learn about what types of services are recommended for maintaining a clean home.

Many homeowners will assume that any buildup of debris and dirt is already taken care of, but the fact is that dirt and debris can build up over time without anyone ever performing an inspection.

A professional company can thoroughly inspect every inch of your home and provide you with detailed reports on how much work needs to be performed, what type of materials need to be used, and when which means significant savings on both your time and money.

The second most important thing that you can do for your home is regularly scheduled professional deep cleaning services. A professional service will be able to provide a more thorough and expensive clean than you can do yourself, due to the equipment they have to use. Cleaning services involve the employment of high-pressure hot water and cleaning chemicals.

These products are designed to not only remove dirt and debris but also sanitize and disinfect your home. This is an investment in your home and health, and companies that offer these services understand this fully well. Make sure that the person you hire to perform your clean keeps a detailed list of all the materials that need to be used, as well as an updated list of the schedule.

If you live in an older home, you may think that there isn’t much that you can do to keep it clean, but you’re wrong. Often, homeowners neglect to run an occasional vacuum through their home’s main floor, thinking that they’ll get everything out of the cracks before the ants come. This doesn’t happen, and spending the extra time and money to regularly clean out your floors can mean a huge difference in the life span of your carpets and upholstery. An effective cleaning company can also make sure that your upholstery stays looking new.

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What Are The Things You Need To Know When Buying Weed In Bulk

After finding out how beneficial it is to Buy Cannabis Online in bulk, you are now decided to buy buy Wholesale Cannabis. But of course, just like to anything that you do, you have to know more about it before finally grabbing anything.

If it is your first time buying cannabis in bulk, it is time that you learn more information about it – expiration date, perks, delivery info and return and exchange policy.

To further explain these in details, read below:

  • Expiration date

Cannabis have its expiration dates and this is something you have to know especially if you are planning to buy a lot of it. You would not want to spend on something that you can never use. It is highly recommended that you seriously consider the expiration date and see if you can use all of the cannabis you are planning to buy right before it expires.

This information is something you can ask from the shop themselves if in case the information is not posted on the product detail on their website.

  • Perks

You also have to know the perks you could possibly enjoy when you buy cannabis from them in  bulk. Of course, you are not spending a  small amount when you buy in bulk, hence it is only fair if you ask for perks. Sure, these shops has something in store for their customers who are buying in bulk, and sometimes it is not announced.

Asking for additional perks, discounts, freebies or anything else is s a good idea when you are buying in bulk, especially when you already buy in bulk from their shop multiple times already.

But of course, you must not be too confident that they will give in with your negotiation, but there is absolutely nothing wrong if you try.

  • Delivery info

Since it is in a huge package, asking for the delivery info is a good idea. When will the package be delivered? How will it be packaged? Who will deliver it and so on. You have to make sure that you know everything about the delivery details. You do not want to be left clueless about the delivery of the item you will purchase.

You may also want to know if there is a third party courier that will handle your package or they have an in house delivery. If they have an in house delivery, that would be an added security for you as you know that your package will be handled exactly as how it should be.

  • Return and exchange policy

Make sure that you know their return and exchange policy. You must not just focus on how to return and exchange the package in case you are not satisfied with what you receive but also what are the things that will disqualify you from returning and exchanging the goods you ordered. If there are gray areas, clear it before you finally close the deal.

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WBJEE Sample Papers & Previous Year Question Paper: Where to Download

The WBJEE is a single point entrance for admissions into various technical courses in West Bengal. It is one of the most sought after competitive admission tests conducted every year by the West Bengal Joint Entrance Examination Board. This West Bengal Joint Entrance Examination Board was formed to conduct these admission tests for various institutions in West Bengal.

This examination has a total of 200 marks and has multiple-choice questions. It is conducted offline on the Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) sheet. There are two papers in the WBJEE; the first paper consists of mathematical problems, whereas the second paper consists of questions from physics and chemistry.

Preparation Based on WBJEE Question Papers from Previous Years

For concentrated and thorough exam planning, each applicant should solve the WBJEE question papers from previous years. You can start solving WBJEE sample papers available on various sites, and it also lets you practice solving the questions related to those topics in the original examination. The various steps involved in the preparation of WBJEE are as follows:

  • In the very first weeks of planning, start solving the WBJEE sample papers. At the preliminary stage, you can solve questions for a particular subject.
  • At the next step, you can continue the preparation process by taking an actual mock test using WBJEE sample papers. You will get a full understanding of the methods of the test and will be well-prepared for the day of the examination.
  • In this process, you will also get an idea about your performance under pressure

as you practice solving WBJEE question papers with a time limit.

  • As the planning progresses, revising the previously done parts will help you to improve further.

This way, you can complete your preparation by solving the WBJEE question papers from the previous years.

From where to download WBJEE question papers from previous years & sample papers

Candidates wishing to be admitted to the undergraduate B.Tech degree program in the state of West Bengal can prepare themselves with the aid of WBJEE question papers from the previous year available on the below-mentioned link:

WBJEE question papers from previous years will help you to get an understanding of the WBJEE 2021 exam pattern, and you can develop your skills and time management using them for mock tests.

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