Pros and cons of buying Instagram likes

Just like every other thing in this life, there are advantages and disadvantages when you buy Instagram likes. I can’t say I blame anyone who indulges in this act. Society has made social media very popular and the dream of many young girls these days is to become a social media influencer regardless of the social media it is. This is one of the reasons why many people are after tips on how to buy likes on Instagram.Instagram likes is like of the salvation to be Instagram famous. You need to be known, and people need to constantly like your content, which can be difficult to keep on track most of the times. Eventually a lot of users have resorted to buying Instagram likes to stay on track. There are a few pros and cons of buying Instagram likes which we discuss in this article.



  • If you’re lucky enough, and buy Instagram likes, the real one, you may end up getting the engagement you crave for. However, this may not always be the case. If you buy Instagram likes fast as a business owner or Instagram, you stand a chance to become huge in the industry. For every like you get, there’s a potential customer which may end up buying from you one day.
  • Instagram likes helps you compete with other competitors in your business niche properly and make a name out there for yourself. Compared to someone who doesn’t have that much likes on their business page, with about 2k likes or a bit less on your post, you stand a chance to get lots of customers.
  • Buying Instagram likes also put you out there for other brands to consider working with you to boost sales for both your brand and theirs. If you’re not a vendor on Instagram, you could end up being a top influencer just because of the number of likes you have on most of your postings. You may get ambassadorship deals and develop from there as time goes on.


  • You may fall a victim to scam websites. Scam websites may pose as sites that sell Instagram likes online. If you buy from them, you may end up getting duped
  • As ignorant as you are in buying Instagram likes, most of these vendors may sell fake likes through fake accounts to you at real likes price, with this you don’t get any engagement whatsoever, and your money goes to waste.
  • Buying Instagram likes doesn’t help you you track your progress. You can’t tell which follower followed you because of the content you create or which follower is a result of buying likes.
  • Instagram bots are not really safe. Bots may sometimes become malicious and may end up creating one problem or another for you. It is very important that you purchase your Instagram likes from a quality service provider in other not to have problems like this.