November 19, 2020


Duck Breast With Olives And Thick Sauce: Try This Incredible Recipe!

Do you know that duck breast is a great source of selenium, iron, and niacin? Yes, duck is known for its high fat content, but as long as you are consuming it as a party of a healthy and balanced diet, it can be actually more beneficial and flavorsome than most common meats. In this post, we are sharing a quick recipe of duck breasts served with olives and a thick sauce, which is super easy to make.

Ingredients: Duck breasts, salt, pepper, chopped onions and carrots, white wine, chicken broth, pitted black olives and pitted green olives.

Steps to follow

  1. Firstly, score the duck breasts. We are going to cook this on a sauté pan, and you want to render all the good fats, for which scoring the skin is very, very important. Next, season your duck breasts with some salt. The skin side must be more salt salted than the flesh side.
  2. Now, place the breasts on the cold pan, with the skin side down. The flame should be absolutely low. In the next few minutes, you will find that the fat from the skin is starting to render. Depending on how brown you like the skin, flip the breast on the fresh side. Aim for a medium level for the best flavor.
  3. Place your duck breasts on the side. In the same pan, add your white wine and let it reduce to half. You can now add the chicken broth and reduce the same. You can choose to add the carrots and chopped onions, with some salt and pepper as per taste. As the sauce thickens, get the pan off the flame. The sauce can be seared on the breasts, or served on the side.
  4. Now take the olives in a pan and toss them in butter, preferably salted butter, and if you have some of the rendered duck fat, you can use that for an extra punch. Once the olives are tossed, your meal is almost ready.
  5. You can choose to cook the duck breast further in an oven, or just serve it with the sauce and olives.

Duck meat, when cooked with care and at a low flame, is incredibly tasty and cannot be compared with chicken breasts. If you are on the keto diet, you are going to love this recipe for the right reasons. Order duck breasts from a known retailer always!

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