April 29, 2018


Indoor Activities for Kids

When you are based in the UK, the weather isn’t always great – let’s face it.  It can be unpredictable at best.  When it’s rainy outside, it can be difficult to think of ways to entertain the kids and stop them from being bored.  We have put a list of some ideas for you for indoor activities to help you out if the weather isn’t up to scratch.

Watch a Movie

There are always new movie releases, so you can hit the cinema if it’s looking a little cloudy outside. There are always lots of showtimes to suit your schedule too.  Cinemas’ can be a little pricey these days, so make sure you bring your own snacks if you are on a budget.  Alternatively, you could chill out together on the sofa and watch a movie in your home and get some popcorn.

Go to a Trampoline Park

Next on our fun family activities list is an indoor trampoline park.  There are lots of these across the UK – and work for kids of all ages.  For example, with Rush UK, they have all kinds of things such as gladiator battles, dodgeball and great challenge courses.  They have discount offers on family tickets – and some great food and drink deals.  This is something that has massively increased in popularity in the last couple of years.

Some Home Baking

There’s nothing like a little sugar to make a dreary day a little bit more fun.  Why not treat the kids to some home baking? You don’t need to do all of the work yourself of course, it’s meant to be a fun family activity and something you can do together. You can get easy to make baking kits in most supermarkets – or if you are feeling a little bit more adventurous you could go online and check out some recipes and give it a go.  The clean-up after might be a bit of a pain.

Arts and Crafts

When it’s raining outside – it’s a good chance to let the kids be creative and do some arts and crafts.  It could be anything from pictures to put on the fridge, or you can do some colouring in.  if you are feeling particularly creative you may want to go as far as to make your own jewellery, make posters with poster paints, or these days you can even make your own slime!  Make sure you cover all of the tables and chairs before you get started.

There we have it – if you are struggling to entertain the kids when it’s not the greatest of weathers outside, we hope we have felt.  We’ve also included options for you if you are on a budget.  Remember not everything needs to cost a fortune for you to be able to have fun with he kids.

Image: Pixabay

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