Making Money On Airbnb

If you are considering becoming an Airbnb host then you probably already know how it works. If not, Airbnb offers you the online service of renting out a space for a short period of time to people who want to pay. This is a great service but often people struggle with figuring out how much to advertise their room for or how to manage the guests coming in and out all the time. This can often mean that the service does not actually make them money which is obviously disappointing. Therefore, we have come up with some ways that you can make sure that you are making money on your listing and taking full advantage of the service.

Write a Great Description

You’ll want to get the attention of guests when they are looking through all the listings to make them choose you. Writing a great description that isn’t too long and complicated will bring you in more guests and get you more money quickly.

Price Your Room Right

Choosing the right price for the room that you are offering is very important. You don’t want to have it low to attract customers if it is not bringing you in as much money as it could. If you live in somewhere like London, you could be charging a decent amount for your room and still be cheaper than a hotel. Look at similar properties to yours to figure out what the best price is for you.

Offer Something Unique

A great way to increase the popularity of your listing is to offer something unique. This doesn’t have to be something expensive, you could offer to cook them a meal or provide a map and tourist information. Little things like this will make people more likely to choose you and it means you can increase your prices accordingly.

Getting Professional Help

Believe it or not there are professional services out there that can help you improve your Airbnb listing. This includes Hostmaker Airbnb Services which can give you everything you need to have a perfect Airbnb home. Things that they offer include daily pricing, professional photography, maintenance and interior design. These are all things that can massively increase how much money you make on your listing and could make it all worthwhile.

Keep Your Guests Happy

Having great reviews on your profile is very important and the best way to do this is to keep your guests happy. If you can have a chat with them to build some sort of relationship, they are more likely to give you a good review. Good reviews will increase your chances of being booked again and bringing in more money.


If you want to list your home on Airbnb, make sure to go through all of the right steps before doing so. Often if you live in the same house or flat, you will be slightly inconvenienced by these guests. This is why you should try and make lots of money to make it worth your time!

Image: Pixabay