Accessing the services of a content writing agency is one of the ways that people ensure they keep getting more content for their websites. This way they can be sure that they have a high supply of content any time they need it. In a way, a content writing company helps to take off your shoulders some of the massive work that comes with owning a website.

Every company that offers Content writing services always promises unique content, and everyone always takes them on their word to deliver. Even so, how can you be sure that your website content is unique and different from the rest of your competitors? What can do to ensure the authenticity of the content provided? It is fine that your content writing company has checked its uniqueness; you can also do the same to be sure of it. Remember, not everyone out there is genuine.


There is one method to ensure that your website content is unique and this is it. This is the method that most people always use to verify their content before posting on their website. When it comes to social media copywriters, authenticity is an element that should always come first no matter what.  If content is going to be available on social media, a place that has millions of people, professionalism has to be upheld. One of the ways is by providing unique content.  To check for duplicate content, some tools have been provided and can be accessed via the internet. You can also use the Google search engine for this kind of search.

Use Google search engine: using this method will require you to input the phrase, sentence, paragraph or content that you want to check in the search box and click the search ‘button.’ If there is anything that resembles your content on the internet, then all the possible duplicate contents will be displayed on the results page.


Use tools provided on the web:  there are quite some tools that you can always use effectively and efficiently to check whether your content is unique or a copycat.  These tools will usually require you to create an account or use the free trial. Once you are logged in, then you can copy paste the content you have onto a blank page provided, then click the search ‘button.’ If there is any part of the content is not unique, it will be indicated it will be highlighted or provided at the bottom of the page. Some of the tools that you can use include plagiarisma, duplichecker, and Copyscape.  Google these on the internet, and you can start using then as soon as now.