Pastor Chris Oyakhilome: Zealous for the Lord in Zimbabwe

Pastor Chis Oyakhilome shares a characteristic with David, son of Jesse, in the Bible: he is a man striving after God’s own heart. The Bible tells us in Matthew 7:16, “Ye shall know them by their fruits.”

It is very evident in the ministries Pastor Chris operates: from teaching, publishing, healing, and even television. It is clear to see how God provides Pastor Chris with many different lanes to reach people.

However, the fruit is not in the category, but in the results of the lives of others. The greatest vehicle in driving the Gospel to nations globally has been through the Christ Embassy.

Christ Embassy and Chris Oyakhilome: A Testimony in Zimbabwe

Chris Oyakhilome is a man that was given a mission and calling on his life. By following the voice of the Lord to pastor, build up the church body, and fellowship with powerhouse ministries such as Christ Embassy International, Chris Oyakhilome has been empowered to teach the Word that it may soften hearts of many and receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Master.

Christ Embassy and it’s leaders were diligent in making sure the global church service would flow without a hitch. When event time came around, it was a test of patience. Pastor Chris was scheduled to arrive the night before or that morning of the event. Attendees waited in anticipation for God’s messenger.

Citizen’s had an idea that good things were to come, but no one knew that the event itself would be it’s own testimony. When it was speaking time, the crowd received a word that cheered up hearts, restored faith, and unveiled the light at the end of a dark tunnel–one Zimbabwe has dwelt in for some time.

Zimbabwe: A New Chapter in Challenging Times

“This is the time for Zimbabwe,” Reverend Tom states according to a statement he made to a press conference at the Harare International Airport. This statement echoes the teachings of Solomon in Ecclesiastes as there existing “a season to everything”(Ecclesiastes 3). Pastor Chris Oyakhilome was used to bring the good news to the Worship and Communion Miracle Service (WCMS).

Registered and unregistered attendees filled a sports stadium awaiting to see, hear, fully experience what the Lord had for them in this season. The Zimbabweans have endured hard times and possibly worst as reports have documented Zimbabwe to experience it’s worst financial crisis ever.

With rising economical challenges, the people were prime for hope. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and Christ Embassy International believed it to be God’s will for prosperity to combat these hardships. However, achieving the prosperity destined for a people in turmoil does not rest on one night of service, a hosting church, or the man delivering the message.

These entities have fulfilled their role and purpose in this event. From this point on, God’s will carries on with the people of Zimbabwe: those who embraced the Gospel of Jesus Christ and choose to fight the good fight.

The Word is out Zimbabwe. Blessings are yours if you believe it, stand on your faith, and with works of continuing to spread the Word.