Reasons behind Undergoing Blepharoplasty and its Benefits

Blepharoplasty surgery is done for valid reasons worldwide by expert surgeons. Eye lift surgery is even termed as cosmetic surgery. Mainly the surgery is done due to the presence of sagging skin around the eyes, which occurs as part of aging symptoms or due to obesity.

Reasons behind having eye lid lift surgery:

  • When there is appearance of bagginess under lower eye lids.
  • Remove the surplus skin present over upper eye lids.
  • As sagging skin near the eyes can cause visual defect, the need to erase it becomes mandatory.
  • As facial skin loses elasticity while ageing, it paves way for wrinkles, bulges under eyes and causes discomfort. The need to make the skin regain its rigidity, the surgery is done by expert surgeon.
  • Bulging under eyes may be even due to hereditary factors.
  • The excessive bulging under the eyes may be the cause for irritation while the skin rubs together.

Who prefers to have the surgery?

Mainly people above the age of fifty find bulging under lower eyelids or swelling over upper eyelids quite common sign of aging. Some people are born with drooping eyelids, which causes blur vision and even find it a disadvantage to portray youthful appearance. Tightening of skin around the eyes help in making your face look young and refreshed.

What are the expected results?

Like any other plastic surgery, the effects of this surgery can only be felt or viewed after the healing is completely over in the post period of the surgery. For best results, the patient needs to follow all the instructions of the surgeon and note the suggestions of trained medical advisor.

Infections and complications can surface if the instructions aren’t followed or the operation and treatment isn’t done by expert surgeon. However, you should note that, issues of skin on face like excessive wrinkles or dark patches under the eyes can’t be removed permanently.

Ophthalmologists and oculoplastic surgeons are the best medical professionals to perform these kinds of surgical operation procedures. If you need to just tighten the skin lightly around your eye lids then only functional eyelid lift is needed, which doesn’t present complications like major Blepharoplasty surgery.

Whether you are a candidate for the eye lid surgery can be only decided by well acclaimed expert Ophthalmologists like Dr Elise Bernier. They will examine whether you are prone to allergic infections or Edema. Eyelid surgery may improve the skin under or above your eyes, which helps to get rid of the shabby appearance.